Can I Paint the Dark Timber Paneling?

Dark wood paneling isn't constantly the right look when a house is being remodeled or redesigned. Nevertheless, it's not constantly cost-effective either to draw it out and also replace the entire wall with a brand-new material. The middle then is to paint the dark wood a brand-new color that matches the design of the house's make over. The wall can be a whole new color with the right prep work and also.

Paneling can occasionally be gotten rid of relying on just how it was mounted. Nevertheless, if it was mounted with nails and also glue instead of just with glue, it's mosting likely to be much more cost-effective to paint the paneling than attempting and also eliminate the paneling to paint the foundation wall underneath. There are additionally instances where the only thing behind the paneling is wall studs.

Make certain the paneling is made from solid wood prior to you paint. Some dark wood paneling is in fact just vinyl made to resemble wood. If it's unreal wood, you'll have to be careful when paint as the veneer on the vinyl can impact the paint work. The texture is additionally important to consider prior to paint due to the fact that grooves in between the panels can be a problem if you desire an uniform look of the wall. If so, you will wish to add fill in the grooves between the panels to make that uniform look, which might take more time.

If the paneling is smooth and also shiny, gently sand it initially, then clean it with TSP, which is a strong degreaser. When the wood is dry, paint it with a flat white alkyd primer initially. Apply a 2nd layer of latex in the color of your selection. If the paneling is harsh, frost it with cream or increased latex stain for a classy and also soft look.